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Exhibition review 2017 - A successful exhibition year for HAIMER

Special: the EMO Show, Open House Event and the 40 Year Company Anniversary with the many highlights and innovative new products, brought a successful exhibition marathon of 2017 to a close for Haimer.

Exhibition Overview 2017

  • HAIMER products were shown at around 120 international exhibitions and events
  • World premiere for HAIMER shrinking machine with touchscreen and Industry 4.0 ready
  • Microset presetting technology complements the product portfolio and makes HAIMER a full system provider around the machine tool
  • Presentation of the latest innovations in the area of tooling and clamping technology for Duo-Lock ™ and solid carbide tools
  • German Federal President Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier visits the HAIMER booth at the EMO show
  • Premiere of the new HAIMER corporate film during the Open House and the 40 Year Celebration

Open House – 40 Years HAIMER

Andreas Haimer (Managing Director) welcomes all guests to Igenhausen and presents the new corporate film of the HAIMER Group.


On the occasion of the 40 year company anniversary, HAIMER opened the doors to the headquarters in Igenhausen, Bavaria, from the 27th till 29th of September 2017.  Around 1000 customers and visitors accepted the invitation and joined the Open House event.

The visitors were presented with a unique lecture and exhibition program, tours through the production halls, as well as live-demonstrations in the Haimer Application Center - an ideal opportunity for professional exchange amongst all the participants. During the event, the 26 technology partners, HAIMER experts and specialists presented the latest innovations of the metalworking industry which were also shown at the EMO show.

HAIMER also presented its newest product range the Microset presetting technology. The Microset machines complement the existing portfolio of precision tooling, clamping, shrinking and balancing technology. Now, only 40 years after its foundation, HAIMER is known as the system provider for the complete Tool Management.



EMO 2017 – “Connecting systems for intelligent production”

The new shrinking machine Power Clamp Comfort i4.0 is equipped with a new, user-friendly software and a 7” touch display. Interfaces for data communication with the production network and a scanner that is able to read the shrinking parameters make this series industry 4.0 ready.
ER Shrink Collets are also suitable for turning machines (e.g. powered tools). For even higher process reliability and better cooling it is also possible to equip the shrink collets (which are available in various lengths) with Cool Jet.
Product Overview - HAIMER is system provider for the complete Tool Management.

The main theme at this year's EMO show was Industry 4.0 and "connecting systems for an intelligent production". With a booth size of 350 square metres HAIMER had plenty of space to present all of its innovative product solutions. The company introduced its contribution to the digital future of the machining industry - with products that enable easy data communication between tools and machines. These products include the network-ready Microset presetting devices and HAIMER tool holders, which can be equipped with an RFID data chip. HAIMER also presented its newest products during the EMO show: its network compatible shrinking and balancing devices. With its broad system range HAIMER wants to make the entire tool management as easy as possible for its customers. From tools and tool holders, to shrinking, balancing and highly precise tool presetting machines, Haimer customers can get everything they need from one single source.

Power Clamp i4.0 - Shrinking Industry 4.0 ready

The new and automated Power Clamp i4 series makes shrinking very easy. This series offers a new, high-quality design and the machines are equipped with a powerful and sufficient cooling system. Due to the patented NG coil they are suitable for both solid carbide and HSS tools for diameter 3 to 32 mm.  Interfaces for data communication with the production network and a scanner that is able to read the shrinking parameters make this series Industry 4.0 ready. Another advantage is the new and user-friendly software, which now offers a wide range of shrink options on an industrial-grade 7" touch Display.

HAIMER Microset Presetting Technology

Microset machines distinguish themselves through first-class hardware, ideal ergonomics, as well as easy handling. The product range of HAIMER Microset tool presetters includes entry level machines that are very profitable for the low volume users. Haimer also offer semi-automated machines with Autofocus that are suitable for the average volume users. Last but not least, the product range includes fully automated presetting devices with linear drive which are especially designed for regular to high volume use. All of these machines are supported by a stable cast iron base construction which reduces the need for frequent calibration and helps subsequent problems in the production environment.

Shrink Collets - HAIMER quality for the turning machine

In addition to high-performance products for tool clamping in CNC milling machine, HAIMER now also offers clamping options for the turning machines. The new shrink collets are available in ER 16 and ER 25 and are compatible with all common clamping nuts. They can also be used with powered tool holders. The optional Cool Jet slots ensure even more process reliability and maximum cooling.

Duo-Lock extension - the best interface for modular milling tools

In the field of Duo-Lock, the modular tool interface for highest demands, HAIMER has expanded its range: Collets with Duo-Lock ™ threads make it possible to preserve the advantages of the milling tools even when turning. The modular tools deliver maximum stability and resilience thanks to their unique double-cone thread design. This results in components with very high precision and productivity. The Duo-Lock ™ collet chucks ensure the best repeatability, easy set-up and quick tool change in the machine. Due to their monoblock structure, the collets offer more stability and best concentricity. With the Cool-Jet-System they also offer best cooling options. Duo-Lock ™ collets are ideal for both conventional ER chucks for milling, as well as driven tools and rotary indexing machines. In addition to the collets, the Duo-Lock ™ range also includes solid carbide, heavy metal or steel extensions as well as solid carbide blanks for maximum flexibility in customer geometry design.